Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Healthy Eating Habits

Well, it's another New Year that brings along with it new resolutions for most of us.  One of the most common of these is the desire to eat better in order to lose or maintain weight.  Over the past decade working with my clients I have accumulated tips that I wanted to share in this blog which can help in getting off the "diet" syndrome and putting you on the path to adopting a healthy eating lifestyle.

Eating Habits:
  • Eat five times per day (three meals and two healthy snacks between meals). Be consistent everyday. Example (1500 Calorie Plan): Breakfast: 500 calories; snack: 100 calories; lunch: 400 calories; snack: 100 calories; supper: 400 calories.
  • Eat something every three to four hours.
  • Try to eat more early in the day to prevent overeating in the evening.
  • Always eat breakfast!
  • Sit down when eating, and put all foods, even snacks, on a plate.
  • Try not to eat when watching TV or when at the computer.
  • Get junk foods out of the house! Vegetables and fruits are very healthy snacks.
  • Drink plenty of water. Six 12 oz servings per day are recommended.
  • Limit “empty calorie” drinks (regular and diet pops) to one or none per day.
  • Make a nutritional lifestyle change. Your successes won’t endure if you’re always “on a diet”.
Cutting Calories:
  • Portion control is essential. Keep meat, poultry and fish portions to 4 - 6 ounces. Pastas and rice should total no more than two cups prepared. Limit breads to one – two slices each day.
  • Be aware of calories in condiments.
  • Even fat-free and sugar-free foods have calories. Use portion control.
  • When eating out, order half-size portions, or order a healthy appetizer and salad, or soup and half a sandwich.
  • Follow the serving sizes on packages of foods to keep the portions in check.
Happy New Year to all and my best to you in maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle!


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