Friday, January 28, 2011

Biggest Loser Progress Report

I mentioned the Biggest Loser Group I'm working with in my post concerning visceral fat.  Well, they just completed their third week of a 10 week program and their progress is amazing! 

A little background on this group...there are a total of 20 competitors who are placed into two teams of ten.  They have named themselves the "Booty Busters" and "Bombshells and Beefcakes".  As you can probably tell by the names, these teams have a great sense of humor, but more importantly they are individually and collectively committed to making some serious changes to their body composition and overall health.

I conduct a one-hour fitness session twice a week with each of these teams.  Each session is a combined cardio and resistance training circuit geared to maximize burning calories and increasing muscular endurance, strength and flexibility.  In addition each team is encouraged to do some form of fitness training another three days per week, either alone or with their team.  I have also provided each member with a nutrition road map uniquely designed for each member to maximize their body fat loss while eating healthy.  Look for an upcoming post on these concepts with my "three-legged stool" approach to achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Following are the results so far, along with some other details about the teams.  For my readers, check in weekly to see their progress.  For the competitors, keep up the great work!!!
  • Booty Busters.
    • One male, 9 females
    • Average Age: 47
    • Start average team weight:  171.72 lbs; average body fat:  35.14 %
    • End of week 2 average team weight:  169.6 lbs; average body fat:  35.02 %
    • End of week 3 average team weight:  168.06 lbs; average body fat:  33.95 %
  • Bombshells and Beefcakes.
    • Two males, 8 females
    • Average Age: 48.5
    • Start average team weight:  190.48 lbs; average body fat:  38.67%
    • End of week 2 average team weight:  187.56 lbs; average body fat:  37.84%
    • End of week 3 average team weight:  186.82 lbs; average body fat:  36.85%

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