Friday, February 4, 2011

Biggest Loser Progress Week 4

We just finished week four of the Biggest Loser program.  Both teams continue to lose weight collectively, but 'Bombshells and Beefcakes' saw a slight elevation in their average body fat percentage.  This slight elevation could be due to the conversely slight decrease in that teams' hydration levels recorded with the Tanita BC-1000, or even just the deviation inherent in bioimpedance measurements.

Both teams trained hard this week by increasing their 10 station circuit rotations from two during the previous weeks to three this week.  And their motivation remains high!

Competitors, I encourage you to keep up the hard work in both your team and individual fitness programs, and to stick to your healthy eating plans.  Although I know Super Bowl weekend will be tough for some of you!

Here are the updated statistics: 
Stats              Booty Busters                       Bombshells and Beefcakes
Composition   Males: 1, Females: 9              Males: 2, Females: 8
Average Age             47                                           48.5
                       Weight    Body Fat                   Weight     Body Fat
Start               171.72     35.14                       190.48      38.67
Week 2          169.60      35.02                      187.56      37.84
Week 3          168.06      33.95                      186.82      36.85
Week 4          166.5        33.04                      185.52      37.16

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